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Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by wlodziemier » Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:24 am


Please find my filled application template below. Might be tad too long, sorry was filling it late night :)


Character name?:


Character race and class?:
Human Paladin

Is this a cross-server application?:

If yes, what server?:
Sporeggar (Yeah its a RP PvP server :) )

Is this a cross-faction application?:

Are you the original owner of the account and character?:

Reasons as to why you are not in your previous guild/guilds?:
Current Guild - Glamorous
I have not left the guild as of today. We were raiding only weekends and within the first two weeks of T12 managed to get to 6/7 with Alys & Majordomo as Realm first kills. Since then we have not raided due to summer breaks and couple of weeks back both the Tanks and 2/3 officers quit the game due to the downward trend.

The GM and the other officer tried their best to bring the guild back on track but due to the fact that we were raiding only weekends and since we are in a very low pop realm getting new recruits was impossible.

Gear(armory, what talent spec's are you experiensed with in raids)?:
Main Spec Armory - ... r/advanced
Retribution Paladin (7/2/32) NOTE - Just got the bracers .. will do the enchant for +50 Str once GM is online.

Off Spec -
I have a Holy OS at 365 ilvl. I started playing this spec around a month back to better serve the guild since we were short on Healers. I know the mechanics of this spec however I lack experience on raiding experience on this spec when compared to my main spec. I am trying to do BH and FL PUG runs to get better at raid healing. I am more than happy to re-spec for a long term if you guys need me to, although I would be new to 25 man healing.

Previous guilds and progress(feel free to write your whole WoW history, the longer the better!!!)?:
I will try to provide all the information in a concise way :)

Sep 2010 - Dec 2010
Guild - Scooby Gang
Realm - Vek'nilash
Rank - Casual
I started playing WoW Sep 2010 (relatively new to the game I guess), so was in a social guild.
Reason for leaving - Wanted to start raiding in Cata.

Dec 2010 - Feb 2011
Guild - Elusive
Realm - Vek'nilash
Rank - Casual
This was the Alliance best guild on that realm for T10 Progression at 11/12 25 Man HC. I applied to this guild but since I did not have any raid experience I was offered only a Casual rank.
Reason for leaving - Guild Disbanded, there was a fallout in the Guild management if they wanted to continue 25 man or move to 10 man.

March 2011 - May 2011
Guild - Sons of Deathwing (10 Man)
Rank - Main team raider
I joined this guild since few guys whom I knew in Elusive shifted to this guild after the disband. This is when I started raiding and got a progress of 9/12 Normal T11.
Reason for leaving - Guild Disbanded, due a silly fight on Soulblade drop between an Officer and GM. (Yeah these were tough times :) )

May 2011 - June 2011
Guild - Elusive Reformed (10 Man)
Rank - Raider
I would say that these two months were the best of my WoW career. Since I was part of the original Elusive team, he was kind enough to give me a spot for HC raids. I had 6/13 HC experience with Magmaw and Atramedes as progression kills for the guild.
Reason for leaving - My work timings got changed and I was travelling a lot during weekdays, hence I left as wouldnt be able to meet the attendance req even if I was in there.

June 2011 - Till Date
Guild - Glamorous (10 Man)
Rank - Raider
I have been with this guild since trying to improve my gameplay. The reason why I am looking outside is partly because of the reason mentioned above.

Personal Information




Indian (Living in UK for work)

Email and/or other means to access you?:

Availability(how often you can play, without going afk every chance you get)?:
I can play 20/25 raids as per the timings given. I have mentioned it this way since my work has stabilised but its not completely back on track. I am required to travel a week in a month. So on an average I would be missing 3/4 raids continuously.

I understand the above situation of mine can be troublesome, I will try my best to notify 1 - 2 weeks in advance about my travel trips for work so that the guild council can plan on raid spots accordingly.

Have you played any other MMO's other then WoW?:
Nope, thinking to give LOL, GW2 a shot.

Any non-MMO's on, a competitive level(cs,quake and so on)?:
None at a competitive level.

Why do you want to join Dark Ritual?:
I am looking a guild with Hardcore intent, Stable team of raiders (tired of Guild disbands :() and looking at your progress of T10 and T11 I think DR might be the best place for me.

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?:


Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?:
Caarrt - Elusive GM
Nem - Elusive Officer
Shallanora - Glamorous GM

What do you think we can supply that others can not?:
Honest answer - None.
Personally I feel this way since in game all professions, consumables, tactics and gear would be available to all.
On a social level I definitely believe the guild is a friendly bunch with focus on progression which is what I am looking for so there's no point in mentioning I am friendly etc...

Note - I can do Photoshop a bit and trying to start frapsing videos with the new PC I am getting. So if there is none who can do this job at the moment I can offer this :)

What will we be able to expect from you?:
1) A social, mature person with progression focus
2) Willing to stick to guild during tough times
3) Able to accept criticism even if its harsh
4) Can sit out of the raid if the setup needs some other class

Why are you playing the class you’re playing, and why are you playing this game?:
I started played WoW as Paladin, just decided to roll this in an impulse since I was new and I wasnt aware of the Hybrid/pure DPS advantages/disadvantages. I decided to continue playing as a pally since I like the Hybrid nature so whenever I get bored of playing ret for a long time I switch to Holy do some 5 mans for breaking the monotony.

I play this game to compete with other raids teams to get kills before them. I enjoy this even more due to the team effort involved. Also theres nothing satisfying than getting a progress kill on the boss where you have wiped for sometime.

Anything you would like to add?:
As mentioned above in the app, My attendance would seem to be an issue since I might miss 3/4 raids continuously in a month do to work, I will be able to attend all remaining.

Computer Information
Connection type and stability?:

O2 connection. Think its a 5 MBPS line. Never DCed/lag issues during raid.

Computer stability (how old, any problems before)?:
I am playing in MAC now, which might not be the best for 25 man raids. I am getting a new PC this week and the specs are below,

Case - HAF 432 Full Tower
PSU - Corsair - 750 W
CPU - Intel I5 2500K
GPU - 570 GTX (not OCed)
Mobo - Asus P8Z68 V Pro
Ram - 8 GB rip jaws 1600 MHz

(Basically I have taken the setup from Chaud's MMO Champion AUG Phoenix build of the month with No SSD and I5 processor.)

Ventrilo and working microphone?:


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Re: Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by Myzrael » Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:13 pm

Impressing application, well written and easy to read. Good example for other applicants.

Not sure if we need retribution paladins though as those are pretty weak compared to other melee, and especially ranged classes. You should wait for Astarta's response. Good luck! ;)
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Re: Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by Ziya » Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:55 pm

contact me on Astarta on SR
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Re: Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by Shuki » Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:58 pm

Myzrael wrote: Not sure if we need retribution paladins though as those are pretty weak compared to other melee
They are decent !

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Re: Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by wlodziemier » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:11 pm

Myzrael wrote: Not sure if we need retribution paladins though as those are pretty weak compared to other melee, and especially ranged classes. You should wait for Astarta's response. Good luck! ;)
Have to agree that ret pallies are in the lower half of the meters mostly if the guys playing other DPS classes know what they are doing or if we not out gearing them..

Sum it up,

Gief Buff to Rets :D :D :D

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Re: Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by Evcia » Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:30 am

Hello my dear wlodziemier,

I advice you to take a screemshot of this moment, it is the only time you see my name blowe yours.

a small offtopic regarding
Myzrael wrote:retribution paladins though as those are pretty weak compared to other melee, and especially ranged classes.
seriously now.....welcome! :D

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Re: Ret Pally X Realm App

Post by Aegar » Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:27 pm

If migrating, consider a character name change.
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