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Yukuk - Enhancement Shaman

Post by yukuk » Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:37 pm

Hello Everyone,

Yukuk here, I'm a 30 year old IT guy working and living in Istanbul/Turkey. Currently enjoying legion with a fresh Enhancement Shaman.
I 've been playing WOW since launch with breaks every now and then. I was a hardcore raider in Vanilla,TBC and start of WOTLK. I did not care about the game that much for the last 3 expansions , i just played them casually to not miss them.
Just returned with Legion with quite some hype and currently i am really enjoying the game a lot , and i want to try any content that is available.

My current guild has 2/7 M EN , 3/3 normal TOV progress. We have some solid core players but we lack dedication and people for further progress. Also there are not any people that is serious about m+ progress so i generally have to pug them.
Although i like the enviroment and people in it , i am not satisfied with the progression and would like to find a more suitable guild for myself.

I'm going to try and sum up my current status and what i can bring to the table ;

- 882 ilvl equipped Dwarf Enhancement Shaman , 38 Trait on Artifact weapon , 2 Legendaries (not the BIS ring, yet :( )

Armory Link
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... kuk/simple

- My current progress is;

2/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
2/3 HC TOV (PUG)
Keystone Conqueror (timed m+12)

- You can find the logs of my last HC Emerald Nightmare raid where i scored %99 percent on 3 bosses

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/TP ... amage-done

- I have my offspecs up and trying to save gear for them but do not want to spend AP on them yet

- What can i bring to DarkRitual ?

I will not have any problems with attendance , i have a steady job and a relationship which allows me to join 2-3 raids every week.
I will always come prepared to raids with best enchants and consumables
I probably love reading and researching more than playing the game :) I would always be updated with the best and current information about my character
I always try and use logs/simulations to increase my performance
I m a gamer since i was a kid , i believe i have quite the talent when it comes to handling mechanics and rotations (was %3 percent on dota2 when it was new)
I m 30 year old guy who knows how to act/speak

I hope all of this information is enough right now. Please feel free to ask anything in game if you need.

Best Regards,

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