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Dryovic - Paladin

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Character Information

Is this a cross-server application?:
Yes, from Twisting Nether.
Is this a cross-faction application?:
Character name: Dryovic

Character class: Paladin

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... vic/simple

Main spec: Holy

Previous guilds: In wotlk I mainly played with group of friends without any schedule this continued until first raids of Cataclysm but we ended up stop playing all together. After returning at the release of WoD tried some Turkish guilds but drama was overwhelming and I don't really like drama during hours I spend playing video games. During the BRF I applied for Archaic Order, which was much more pleasing experience had some fun raid nights but progression and approach to progress made me quit raiding I figured out I want a shorter, faster pace progression with a guild that has aims. Additionally Archaic Order was using a dkp system which is definitely not the system I like for progress, people passing items that were upgrade rally hindered progress and officers doesn't want to change loot system.

Raid experience: - WOTLK: Started the game and hit 80 at the release week of Ulduar(got the all 10m achives one night before icc relase), cleared toc and icc with friends of 10 got some hc but nothing special. I was playing with my warrior as a tank back in the day.
- Cata: Continued raiding with my friends until the Firelands, got some hc as well in first tier then we all stopped playing.
-WoD: 5/7 M HM, 8/10 M BRF, 12/13 M HFC

Link to personal logs (*optional): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... artition=1

This is my recent logs which are not really recent. Most of this combats were before the Valor upgrade or having an extra healer on fights. For example Gorefiend one of y favorite fights in the last expansion were 5 man healed when everyone else using 4 healers, this results with worst percentiles for me but if you check them closely you can see what I did or what I lack in combats.

Personal Information

Age: 22

Nationality: Turkish

Email and battletag and/or other means to access you: Dry#21575

Availability (how many raids you can attend): I can and will attend all raids except I had a pre planned visit to my friend between 20-25 of September where I will be at Switzerland.

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?: Sadly no.

Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?: Yes, Gdubeat from RnG-Kazzak my first rl after returning WoD. Can also ask me to people from Arhaic Order.
Teamspeak and working microphone: Yes, I'm shy at first but this will never stop me from communicating for raiding.

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