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Applications / Requirements to join DR
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Resto Druid

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Character Information
Hi, my charicter name is Rives, Resto Druid

Is this a cross-server application?:

Is this a cross-faction application?:

Character name:

Character class:

Armory: ... ves/simple

Main spec:

Previous guilds:

WoW Vanilla Guild "Eternal Crusaders" it was very social Guild i had a lot of fun with them we did some raids together as well but not hardcore, even tho we did it just for fun we did quite nice ZG cleared, MC cleared, BWL 5/8, AQ20 cleared. In TBC Guild broke some ppl wanted more hardcore raids some got transfered to other servers. I started new charicter in Spporegar, wanted to have a fresh start, i got to Guild "Outcasts" we cleared Karazhan, ZA, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern and we stopped right there, again things happend, ppl stoped playing Guild fell apart. I Transfered charicter to Burning Legion and got to Guild "Accidentally" they are pure hardcore guild, Ive been in "Accidentally" for 4 years i cleared TBC and WoLTK with them also got 2x Realm First: "Realm First! Grand Crusader" and "Realm First! Death's Demise". At the end of WoLTK they decided to transfer to Revenholdt cos we had crazy queues in Burning Legion back than. In Cataclysm i couldnt keep up with them, my situation changed and i couldnt raid as much as they wanted me to and we part right there. Due to my situation i decided to stop playin WoW, after i got back they went back to Burning Legion and i got left alone in Revenholdt, i applied to "Warcry" on Auchindoun they accept my app we raided a bit in MoP but i lost my job had to stop playing WoW. After i got back Warcry unfortunately got appart so i joined "Disbanded" for more casual raiding but they stopped raiding at all. I want to go back to more serious raiding again thats why i apply to You. Oh god that was long story sorry about that :)

Raid experience:
Im quite expirienced Raider as You can read above, i know raiding can be stressful but when You like it, nothing will stop You doing it.

Link to personal logs (*optional):
I dont have one sorry.

Personal Information



Email and battletag and/or other means to access you:
Basil #2862

Availability (how many raids you can attend):
Your raids timings suits me very well i think i can be on all ofc if something happens i will always inform, i dont go ninja vanish :)

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?:

Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?:

Teamspeak and working microphone:

Additional info:
WoW was my first MMORPG, im playing it whenever i can, after so many years its still great, it definitely have best raids and overall content and story is just amazing.
Recently i uparged my PC now i got AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz, 8GB ram, Radeon r9 270x 2GB, WoW plays smooth like butter :)

I choose Your Guild because:
1. I rly want start serious raiding again and i think with You its definitely possible
2. Your top notch guild
3. I like Your name :)

Here is my UI screenshot: ... 005507.jpg

Thats all, hopefully we can raid together in Legion :)

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