Venerius Fire Mage Application

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Venerius Fire Mage Application

Post by Venerius » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:10 pm

Is this a cross-server application?: No

Is this a cross-faction application?: No

Character name: Venerius

Character class: Mage

Main spec: Fire

Previous guilds: Bounce

Raid experience: I ve started playing at the near end of TBC, I was new to the game and I joined casual social radiding guild. It was mostly fun nothing hardcore or competetive, We stopped progressing at Black temple. In Wotlk I was able to clear everything although we were kinda slow at it. In cataclysm and Mop I didnt raid at all, back then I was more pvp focused. In WoD I raided with Bounce but I had to quit wow for a while due to some irl stuff we were progressing through Hellfire citadel at that time. Now i am looking for a more competive guild in Legion.

Personal Information:

Age: 21

Nationality: Belgium

Email and battletag and/or other means to access you: Nexus#2668

Availability (how many raids you can attend): All of them

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?: No

Teamspeak and working microphone: Ofc

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Re: Venerius Fire Mage Application

Post by Ziya » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:21 pm

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