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 Post subject: Lithanor - Hunter
 Post Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:40 pm 
Almost as noob as Zerkon

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Hello people!

Oh man, this has been a long time coming..... Some of you might remember me, some you might not.

Short intro:
I have been playing WoW from beta up to WotLK in 2008. I decided to quit back then, to focus on other things in life. Now those other things in life are pretty much done (as in: got a job, got a house and got married (I know right?!)).
Now I must admit, I have checked in from time to time on you guys. Since many of the players I used to raid with (in The Core Crew and Keelhaul) have moved to DR, I couldn't help but keep an eye around.
Now I'm not one for namedropping, but I really remember the following people fondly (in no particular order ofcourse...;)): Akakaboto, Fiskpinne, Milano, Snoozo (Tankomania), Hav, Centi, Thorgal, Maelnove, Strangler, Nemezis, Miink, Kunglig.... and many others. But honestly, I have no idea who is left.

Recently I stumbled upon Maelnove's thread with many screenshots from the old days and decided to reboot my WoW account. A good timing with Legion around the corner, I'd say.
For now I am basicly looking to get back into the game. At least I am looking for a home at this moment (I'll tell you, it's pretty depressing logging in and seeing you're the only one online in Keelhaul ;)). I plan on picking up raiding again and I sincerely hope this can be done in DR.

Character Information

Is this a cross-server application?: Yes, at this moment I am still wandering around aimlessly on Stormreaver. It goes without saying that I'm willing to migrate.

Is this a cross-faction application?: No

Character name: Lithanor

Character class: Hunter

Armory: ... r/advanced

Main spec: MM

Previous guilds: The Core Crew, Keelhaul.

Raid experience: Everything up to WotLK. Acted as Hunter class leader thoughout.

Personal Information

Age: 28

Nationality: Dutch

Email and/or other means to access you:

Availability (how many raids you can attend): As many as needed

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?: Many, but mostly Akakaboto and Snoozo from the good ol' days.

Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?: Don't think any of them are still playing.

Mumble and working microphone: Of course.

 Post subject: Re: Lithanor - Hunter
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:05 pm 
I have some odd obession about kell...
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Holy hell I remember that name.

You're better off whispering Ziya ingame. This place is a wasteland.


 Post subject: Re: Lithanor - Hunter
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:47 am 
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I assumed they all stopped playing wow..or maybe different forums now.

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