Royalknight - Holy Paladin

Applications / Requirements to join DR
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Royalknight - Holy Paladin

Post by Royalknight » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:27 pm

Character Information:
Human - Holy Paladin

Character name: Royalknight

Character class: Paladin

Armory: ... ght/simple

Main spec: Holy

Previous guilds:
Silver Storm US on Burning legion

Silver Storm on Burning legion-US (upto half the first 4 months of the expantion)
Legions of Hell on Twilight Hammer-EU

Legions of Hell on Twilight Hammer-EU (upto ICC)
Juton on Auchindoun-EU (Till disband in ICC)
Celestia on Auchindoun-EU

Celestia on Auchindoun-EU (before the FL nerf by 4 weeks)
NoM on Auchindoun-EU (Until Disband in DS first week)
The Edge on Auchindoun-EU (stayed with guys till 5% buff)
Defiant (disbanded by the end of cata after 8/8)
XoO (joined on the last Week of Cata)

XoO (stayed till 3 weeks before ToT)
Defiant ( Till they slacked)

Raid experience:
Karazhan (full)
Gruul (full)
Mag (full)
TK (1 Boss down)
SSC (1 Boss down)
ZA ( Full)
BT (6 Bosses Down)
Naxx 80 (full 10+25 man)
Ulduar (10 man Full Without Alg, 25 man eveything expect Yogg and Alg)
ToC (Full 10+25 normal, HC 10 4/5 and 25 man 3/5)
LK Raid On shaman did upto Sindragosa Heroic with 10% buff.
Ruby Sanctum 10 man normal.
Alakir, BoT, BWD, Full on normal and on heroic, Halfus, Atramedes, Chimaeron.
Firelands Full normal and 6/7 HC
DS, Full heroic first week of 15%
MSV Full normal, 4/6 HC
HoF Full Normal
ToES Full Normal
ToT Full Normal
SoO 8 bosses on normal and 2 on Heroic, Heroics i completed on my horde paladin ill link armory, ... ght/simple

Personal Information

Age: 27

Nationality: Kuwaiti (Not a terrorist i swear!)

Email and/or other means to access you:

Availability (how many raids you can attend):
i can raid everyday from 6pm Server time

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?:

Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?:
you can ask my guildies on this server but am there guild master XD

Mumble and working microphone:
I have both, also i have a Team Speak Server so if mumble server breaks mine can be back up.

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Re: Royalknight - Holy Paladin

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Re: Royalknight - Holy Paladin

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