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 Post subject: Aluqus Human Priest(Holy)
 Post Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:08 am 
Almost as noob as Zerkon

Joined: Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:45 am
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Character Information

Character name?: Aluqus
level?: 85

Character race and class?: Human Priest - used to be dwarf!

Is this a cross-server application?: Yes it is, but i started out on Stormreaver back in vanilla and TBC
If yes, what server?: Darksorrow

Is this a cross-faction application?: No

Are you the original owner of the account and character?: Yes i am

Reasons as to why you are not in your previous guild/guilds?: I quitted playing cause the game went to easy

Gear(armory, what talent spec's are you experiensed with in raids)?: ... qus/simple

i have allways played this character, and to be honest i have never tryed anything else than healing, i master both Disp and Holy spec, and the fact in healing! i love the intensiv thing about it, and try to keep everyone alive!

Previous guilds and progress(feel free to write your whole WoW history, the longer the better!!!)?: I started out in Lords of Ironhearts back in Vanilla, i was kinda new in the game, and then TBC came out, i joined Utgard back then are cleared both BT MH and some bosses in SWP, the guildleader kicked me, cause i had a spike on achimonde and wiped the raid, he had one of his bad days, anyways i left stormreaver to seek out for new experiences after i had freelanced abit making PuGs i joined a guild named Indigo/Dimensional(current name) on Grim Batol, and left them when Wotlk came out for new experiences, i joined a guild named Pacifism(top 1 on server) for a short while and took a break when Ulduar came out, and came back in Totc patch and i started my own guild, we managed to be top 3 on server before LK spawn the guild went down due to officer problems, then i quitted the game again due to IRL reasons and i came back in Cata to see what it was in DS patch i joined TT top 5 on darksorrow and we did 5/8 prenerf and the guild went down cause of lagging players on progress raids!

Personal Information

Name(optional)?: Kasper Hyldgaard
Age?: 21
Nationality?: Danish

Email and/or other means to access you?:

Availability(how often you can play, without going afk every chance you get)?: i can play all day long! for the most of the time.

Have you played any other MMO's other then WoW?: ive played abit of Diablo but it didnt fancy

Any non-MMO's on, a competitive level(cs,quake and so on)?: ive been one of the best CS gamers in my country under the name Hyperx

Why do you want to join Dark Ritual?: Im Looking for a good MoP guild that are able to take down content, i want to come back to stormreaver, and i remember Dark Ritual for beeing a GREAT guild back when i was on the server! and i really want to be a part of the team!

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?: i know Zewie, harlf, angeles, decibelle, protagonist, aegar, akakaboto, mindpaste.

Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?: Well i got a couple of friends, Asmus - played rogue back in Vanilla thunderfury good player, then i got some other guys who can vote for me - and my brother!

What do you think we can supply that others can not?: good social life in the guild, its an old guild and it means theres something in it theres not in others! and then i know theres good players i want to play with again!

What will we be able to expect from you?: 100% raid attendence, prepared and allways optimized to do my best! and top 1 on meters ;) - and i got good raid experience i can raidlead i got a good understanding in allmost everything in the game so i can help out in many ways!

Why are you playing the class you’re playing, and why are you playing this game?: i love priest and healing thats why i play it, and im playing the game cause i think its funny and i love the part in become better and achieve things you work hard for

Anything you would like to add?: not really

Computer Information
Connection type and stability?: 10/1 mb connection stabil

Computer stability (how old, any problems before)?: im playing on a laptop have some problems but ill get a new one as soon i get a good guild for MoP :)

Ventrilo and working microphone?: i got everything!

looking forward to hear from you guys!

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