Resto Druid 390 ilvl

Applications / Requirements to join DR
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Resto Druid 390 ilvl

Post by Oliwer » Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:32 pm

Character Information

Character name?: Shapeshífter
level?: Level 85.

Character race and class?: Troll Male Druid.

Is this a cross-server application?: That is correct.
If yes, what server?: Stormscale EU

Is this a cross-faction application?: Yes.

Are you the original owner of the account and character?:Yes i am.

Reasons as to why you are not in your previous guild/guilds?: The reason why im applying here is that i saw u writing in trade on my alt and thought it suits me.
I have also losen interest in my current server and wish to move it there.

Gear(armory, what talent spec's are you experiensed with in raids)?:
Armory Link: ... ter/simple
Spec & Motivate: I am playing 8/2/31. Since its a great spec for a 10 man resto druid with no mana problems. It gives great HPS since i have decent gear i can afford to not go 3/3 in furor and there on put my point in something that will boost HPS.

Previous guilds and progress(feel free to write your whole WoW history, the longer the better!!!)?: I have played wow for 6 whole years now, i cant remember my Vanilla Guilds and TBC ones but ill do my best :). Okey in the start of WOTLK i was on my hunter " Sylvanaso @ Chamber of Aspects Orc Malee Hunter" Now its on "Stormreaver Worgen Male Hunter " in the guild " Penance " i was in it and raided in their " Alt Runs " mostly since i had alot of school and was a extra guy in the 25 man team in case some couldnt made it. We we're top 5 in europe in early Ulduar times and kept it that way untill end of the patch. It was our GM that stopped playing that killed the guild. I havent been in any remarkable guilds later on :) i've taken a couple of breakes now and then . I am atm in " Legerty " on my druid we've did 5/7 HC in FL (After Nerf). And now we have 7/8 in DS Normal. That was pretty much it.

Personal Information

Name(optional)?: Oliwer
Age?: 16.5
Nationality?: Swedish

Email and/or other means to access you?:

Availability(how often you can play, without going afk every chance you get)?: I can attend atleast 3 -4 times a week without going afk more then most 5 minutes.

Have you played any other MMO's other then WoW?: Nope, i have been caught in the WOW net :).

Any non-MMO's on, a competitive level(cs,quake and so on)?: Yeah i play Counter Strike, Cod MW2 on Playstation 3.

Why do you want to join Dark Ritual?:
Id like a core guild that gets the job done smooth.

Do you know anyone in Dark Ritual?:
No i dont :(.

Is there anyone outside of Dark Ritual that you can use as a reference?: No i dont think i can since i've only got my alt over there.

What do you think we can supply that others can not?:
I think i can supply perfectly gemmed & enchanted gear and better HPS then any Resto Druid with my gear could provide.
What will we be able to expect from you?:
A great HPS and Attendance of 90 %.

Why are you playing the class you’re playing, and why are you playing this game?:
I like the class all the healing and i just love this game. I love to collect and make money in smart ways to upgrade my character beacouse its so easy. I love reading MMO Posts and Elitist Jerks so see if there is anything new about my Class & Spec that i should be aware of.
Anything you would like to add?:
Not really i just hope that u liked reading my application and i look forward to corporate with u in the furture.

Computer Information
Connection type and stability?:
I got a Fiber Cable (100 MB/S )

Computer stability (how old, any problems before)?: My computer is brand new.
Model: Vostro 3780
Ram: 4 GB (3.90 Aviable for use)
Operating System: Windows 7. 64 Bit.
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40 Ghz 2.40 Ghz.

Ventrilo and working microphone?:
Yes and Yes.

Thank You & i wish u a happy new year <3 :).

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